• Fresh Walnuts

    An early surprising and rare fruit! Indeed walnuts are the only products that have to be peeled off after having been broken. What makes the "walnuts of Grenoble" so special is, its freshness, the whiteness of its kernels and its inimitable "almond nuts" taste.
  • In Shell Walnuts

    A traditionnal fruit in great demand. Europeans consume more than 120 000 tons of dried nuts in shell per year. Their "appetite" for this product is so hearty that the production can not cover all the needs. Dried walnuts represent a traditionnal product full of ancestral meaning
  • Kernels

    A delicious flavour of various outlets. Kernels are full-flavoured nuggets carefully broken and packed. The kernels are available all year long, which give the opportunity to everyone to discover its authentic flavour and its great convenience